Technical Scanning


Maximise revenue and pass every audit effortlessly.

Securely scan and index technical documentation such as certificate of conformity/anaylsis, job cards, work orders into a fully compliant, secure document portal accessible by client or internal staff based upon user access and security controls.

It is critically important that technical documentation is processed and maintained accurately.

Failure to ensure accurate processing and storage can compromise intelectual property and GDPR controls. We look after this for you and make sure your organisation can focus on your core competancies.

How we help your organisation

  • Remove inaccuracies in the capture process – ensuring maximum acuracy of record.
  • Reduce storage costs and space
  • Make information accessible but secure
  • Provide all documentation required for an audit in an instant with our 24/7 cloud based retrieval system.

We scan to the highest quality, using the latest OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and freeform text recognition software. We will read Handwriting, Printed Characters, Bar-Codes, Check Boxes and Dials. We can check for signatures, add columns of numbers and create rules based on hierarchical structures. We can also capture Post-Codes and import addresses from master data for validation.


Why are we different?


We help businesses reduce costs and improve productivity by automating invoice processing and approval whilst at the same time reducing exception handling.