Welcome to the
next generation client
service portal.


Group business and accounting services


Completely user-friendly, accessible and packed with business insights.
Welcome to the next generation client service portal.

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Single sign in

All your services in one place

Through Cozone, you may access all available online services with one login. For example, you could move from travel expenses to approving supplier invoices from the same login within your portal session.


Transparent and user-friendly reports

CogiDocs understands the importance of good reports. That is exactly why we offer user-friendly, efficient and easily navigable accounting reports in CoZone. You are able to review earnings, the balance of accounts, accounts receivable and trade debtors. The reports can also be customized by period, term and year. For instance, CoZone allows you to easily compare this year's budget with last year's figures.


A secure channel for data transfer

CoZone is highly secure and fully GDPR compliant. The portal will keep all your communication with CogiDocs, including data transfer, within one platform. By reducing email traffic, keeping all your data in one place and limit access to the people who need it, CoZone makes it easier to keep all exchange of employee and financial data with our consultants secure.


Online invoices automatically synchronized to accounting

Create your invoices directly online without having any programs installed. No need to mind the booking of the invoice - the system automatically posts everything on your accounts. Get an overview of which invoices are paid and not. Additionally, CoZone supports the new requirements for electronic billing, and there are no establishment or license fees for customers using our services.

Why are we different?


We help businesses reduce costs and improve productivity by automating invoice processing and approval whilst at the same time reducing exception handling.